Monday, June 27, 2011


As we know, problems occur in every part of life! These problems usually bring about a certain level of stress and anxiety. The Bible tells us that Christians will be tested, go through trials, and will receive persecution. As Christians we must be prepared to receive the storms of life. Remember it does not matter how good of a Christian you think you are, storms come to all of us.

At times pressure can build to the point, you can’t hear yourself talk. It is like someone is in your ear talking and someone is in the other ear talking. Someone else is in front of you talking. Everyone’s problems are on your shoulders including your own. There seems to be no place or nobody to run to who is experiencing peace. This is when we have to realize that God is the giver of peace! If you feel closed in, stressed, and weighed down, God is that person you can run to for peace in the mist of that storm!

Don’t give into the storm, by worrying and stressing! God has sent us a helper! His name is Jesus Christ! He will help you recover from your setback. If you just have faith in Christ, you can pray, trust, and move ahead!

When the strong winds of life comes your way, speak to that wind! Jesus said in Mark 4:39, “Peace, Be Still!” The winds were raging, the disciples were afraid in the boat, and God calmly spoke and the wind ceased. That is what God can do with our problems! He can simply speak to them and give you the peace you need!

Agree with me today that you will pray, trust, and move ahead! Knowing that God can and will give you the peace you need! Is there something you’re dealing with, that seems to big? If so, you can post it today, you don’t have to leave a name, and we will pray for you!

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement! Silence in the storm! Let God be God!