Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Life is filled with many wonderful experiences! Toward the end of the year, we start to reflect on those experiences and how the year went.  Some things we may not understand.  While, others we recognize was a calling or an urging from God to go in a particular direction.   In all things there is a lesson to be learned.   Once, we receive the lesson, we must take it and apply it. 
When, I look back over this year!  I have been truly blessed!  I realized that the GOOD far outweighed the bad.  But, the one bad thing is often what we focus on!  It's not worth it!  It is often a distraction to take you off course.  
On my previous posting, I mentioned my trip to St. Louis and how I discovered how RESILIENT I truly am!  Through the ups and downs of childhood, I'm here. Getting ready to receive my Master's Degrees!  Getting ready to open a Counseling Center.  
But, this year didn't stop there.  In June, my husband and I RENEWED our wedding vows in celebration of our 15 year anniversary.   He is truly one of  the best gifts God has given to me. 
Then, we took a trip to West Virginia with my College Professor.  We didn't have to pay for anything.  He took us to his home church and this church looked just like the vision we have for our church.  The color of the walls were the same and even their church theme was similar to ours.  We took it as a sign from God.  God was telling us that our VISION can and will happen. 
In October, I went to the Women Thou Art Loose Conference.  The speaker spoke about being different and how he didn't fit in with the rest of the pastors in his area.  He didn't hoop like them.  He didn't preach like them.  He didn't dress like them.  It was okay to be different!  Once, he realized that God began to elevate his ministry.  God began to open doors! 
On November 7, 2014, we took a trip to Disney World to celebrate our 14 year Anniversary without the kids.  I had always dreamed of going to Disney World.  I have been to so many places, but never to Disney World.   It was everything I thought it would be.  Totally amazing!  God began to show me that DREAMS do come true!!
Despite the ups and the downs!  God said focus on the positive. Focusing on the positive is a choice!  Being Positive is a choice!  I have been taught to look for God in everything!  This year God has renewed me, showed me that our vision is not TOO BIG, dreams really do come true, and that I am resilient!  I can over come anything, with God as my help!