Monday, December 21, 2009

Fireproof your Marriage

It seems as time goes on, the entity of marriage is deteriorating. Marriage is so important and kids take divorce so rough. I just wonder why people are refusing to fight to stay together. We all know that God does not like divorce (but he does excuse it for adultery). I often wonder whether americans just duplicate what they see on t.v. and think it is okay. We have to realize that just because the rich do it does not make it okay. Sometimes it is easier to just walk away. But, why be a quitter and take the easy way out. What if God just gave up on us? Recently, my husband and I looked at the movie Fireproof, it started off slow, but ended up being a great movie. We are actually going to do a whole marriage seminar based upon this movie at our church.
Of course, I do realize that some marriages, can not be saved. I hear from couples all the time that have complications in marriage. Alot, of it falls back on communication. I can not urge people enough to communicate with each other. Be honest with one another, even if it does hurt the other persons feelings. Because in the end, it will make your union stronger. Keeping things in, closes the other person out. But, being open and honest gives you the opportunity to make the situation right!