Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is set aside to show that special someone how much we love them! Couples expect romance on this day.  Even singles go out and snatch up a mate just to celebrate this one day out of the year.  After years of celebrating Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries ideas and gifts can get difficult to come up with, especially if you want to surprise your mate or be creative.  Women as well as men get tired of receiving the same old teddy bear, candy, flowers, and card.  So, I decided to give you a list of creative things that have worked for me and a lot of them are inexpensive!  Be sure to read all the ideas, one might just catch your attention!

1.       If your mate like nuts go to Wal-Mart buy several types of nuts in different containers.  Put them in a basket along with a cute teddy bear or whatever their interest maybe, such as video games, golf balls, etc.  Then, wrap it and attach a cute note, “I’m Nuts About You!”  My husband absolutely loved this one and he ate all the nuts!

2.       Make a snack pack! Get Doritos, Pepsi or Coke, M&M’s, Nuts, Fruit or whatever their favorite snack maybe, put it in a basket.  Wrap it; put a bow and a sweet note on it! I promise guys really like these, because it saves them a trip to the store and they can watch t.v. and snack.

3.       Love Coupons are really good! Make up different things you are willing to do, like give a massage, take out trash, let him choose, photo shoot, etc.  They even have free templates online. 

4.       Picnics are nice and if you have a fireplace that is even better.  Picnics are better when your mate doesn’t know about them.  Make sure you have pillows and good conversation.

5.       Candlelight dinner make sure you fix your significant other’s favorite food! The table should be set, jazz music to establish the mood, and make sure you are looking hot! Ladies pumps will always work!

6.       This is for the sexy couples! Blindfold your mate and feed them chocolate covered fruit.  Turn it into a game let them try to guess which fruit it was.  You may also use whip cream instead of the chocolate.   Light music would also be good for this idea as well. 

7.       Lingerie is awesome! Women love it when their mate go and pick them out something special.  Sometimes, this is uncomfortable for men, but hey women love it! Also, ladies some satin boxers would be nice for your man as well!

8.       For the Sports Fans, you can buy them a ticket to see their favorite team play.  I brought Carl a trip to Arizona to see the Redskins play.  Of course, he loved it. 

9.       Try something different! Ballroom dancing is always nice, fun, and exciting! If you haven’t been, I suggest you try it!

10.   Lastly, buy them The Love Dare from a Christian Bookstore or I love my wife tee-shirt or mug! We personally loved them! But, it is all according to how you really feel about your significant other!

I hope these ideas bring a lot of happiness into your relationship.  Remember adding spice is always nice! Don’t stress yourself out! Always have fun in whatever you do!