Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Spirit Spot: A Special Place

The Spirit Spot: A Special Place

A Special Place

As I swept the floor of the kitchen, I recall God speaking to me. It was a divine revelation and God giving me his instructions on my life. That day in the kitchen was a wake up call for me. I was in a place of transition. I was a stay at home mom and had just been laid off from a paralegal position. I had gone to college and graduated, but later decided that being a paralegal is not the career for me. My thoughts were everywhere. Should I stay home with the child it took me so long to conceive? How do I change professions? Lastly, what is everyone else going to think?

So, I just started sweeping and talking! Then, I realized that I wasn’t just sweeping and talking, but listening! God was there to conversate with me. God’s voice was as clear as day. God said, “Open a consignment store.” It was a funny request, because I never considered myself being a person to own a store. At the time, I set a goal to open up a consignment store in some rundown property we had brought. We hired workers to drywall the walls, picked out paint, and even brought store racks. My mother and sister immediately rejected the idea due to the high crime and drug activity of the area. I would argue and fuss with them until my face turned blue. My goal was to follow through with the instructions God had given to me.

Then one day, I’m placing an item online to sell and I received an email from Ebay asking me to open a consignment store. I knew God’s instructions, but I never thought it would be an online consignment store. I prayed about the store, spoke with my husband and he thought it was a wonderful idea. I got to stay home with my kids and have a small income coming in. Through this process, I realized something important! We all need a Special Place! That Special Place is something sacred and divine, which is what my kitchen was for me that day and many days to come.

Just last week, I was going through opposition with family. Again, I was cleaning the kitchen and God spoke to me! He said, Let it Go! Your to BIG to focus on something so small! This too shall pass! I made a decision at that moment to forgive. It is not easy being the bigger person. When I heard the voice of God, confirming what I already knew, I made the choice to submit and to trust. See I didn’t realize my kitchen was my Special Place until God kept showing up. I can just clean and let him speak to my situation.

Now ask yourself, where is my Special Place? Am I allowing myself to hear God’s instructions for my life? Next, seek out your spot-that Spirit Spot!