Thursday, January 13, 2011


This week for me is about Appreciation! In my Black Religions class we are reading about slave religion. I learned a couple things:
1. Some slaves were not allowed to worship, so they had to hide their religion.
2. They worshipped when and where ever they could. One book said they would worship and preach in the bushes.
3. If you were free and your wife was a slave, it was a chance your spouse could be brought and moved away!
4. Slaves had a desire to learn God's Word, but couldn't read. The desire was so strong they tried anyway and they would preach from their experiences and what they heard. They eventually learned to read God's word. Education was important to them.

Appreciation is the word!! Learn to appreciate your freedom in praise and worship. Go to church and give God your best! Indulge in his word, because you can read and have the freedom to do so! Have the right desires, use your freedoms to uplift. Appreciate your spouse, love them freely! Lastly, know where you came from, knowledge is key!