Monday, January 2, 2012



This is the time of the year that some of us decide to make major changes in our lives.  But, do we really like change?  Although, we want it, do we actually like it?  We make goals to lose weight, stop drinking, find a better job, and the list goes on.  In reality, do we truly want the lifestyle transformation?  We all know that it is very expensive to change our eating habits to something healthier.  In the beginning of each year our church goes on a Daniel fast and I recall saying to Carl, “I never knew fruit and vegetables could be so expensive.”  You see I was ignorant to the reality of the full alteration that needed to be made.  The reality was that I had decided to start eating vegetables and fruit 3 times a day and bags of fruit were vanishing like clock work in our household.  It got very expensive. 

I also want to shed light on gym memberships that cost up to $60.00 per month?  Only to go for 2 months and they continue to withdraw the monies from your bank account for another year.  Fitness facilities do automatic withdrawal for that sole purpose of collecting extra money from folks who have gotten lazy or discouraged.  There is nothing wrong with wanting a change in your lifestyle or to lose weight.  My advice is to sit down and write out how these changes will affect your life.  This may help you put things in proper prospective, such as time, cost and how it will assist you in the future.  Who doesn’t want better health, fitness, and eating habits? 

As a wife, I realize my husband’s goals and resolutions affect me and visa versa.  So, if you want to set a goal for yourself or your spouse take into consideration how this modification is going to affect you both before making it.  A lot of times there is sacrifice involved on both sides.  If I want to lose weight, that means better eating habits for me and my family.  Everybody is going to be eating vegetables.  I’m not sure how my son, Zion will feel about that considering he doesn’t like veggies.  This means I would need to come up with ideas and plans to include him as well.

If you desire a change for your spouse, you have to be willing to take part in that sacrifice.  Meaning if you want your husband to stop drinking, you have to stop drinking.  You may have to put down that one glass of wine that you occasionally want.  A lot of times you have to change the people you hang with.  I know you may not be the one with the issue, but the issue and the transformation still affect you.  We have to be there to encourage and motivate.   If you desire your husband to lose weight, stop fixing unhealthy food, make better selections at the grocery store and fix something healthier! It requires change in the atmosphere, meaning lifestyle change for the whole family.  However, these things can be turned into fun, such as learning new recipes and cooking them together.  You can also go for walks, which can eventually turn into races, at least for our family it does. 

My advice is to start small and write everything out.  Make simple changes and then make bigger changes.  For instance instead of the gym membership and losing money, try taking family walks.  This saves money and allows for family time.  Instead of abruptly changing eating habits, work them in.  Start with fruit for breakfast and baking more foods.  Then, each month progress and eventually you may have a gym membership.   Change usually last longer when it is done gradually and consistently.  Try not to be hard on yourself, because everyone changes, nobody stays the same.  But, hopefully the “Change is For the Good!” 

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