Monday, June 13, 2011


As I relaxed in a lawn chair by the hotel pool, I received this great inspiration!  It was the smile on the face of my husband, Carl.  He was just playing with my daughter, Ella.  Carl was laughing, smiling and really overjoyed by being in his children's presence.  This was a beautiful moment for me.  Of course, he plays with our children daily, but it was just something about this moment.  I never thought of a man as being beautiful! As women, we usually want a man that is strong and good looking.  I've never really heard of  anyone referring to a man as beautiful.  Well, I'm just counting my blessings that God has gifted me with one! My husband is so beautiful on the inside, it seeps through his pores to the outside!  I would like to dedicate this poem to him and all the great fathers out there!  It is okay to be BEAUTIFUL!

Beautiful Man!

Beautiful man! Beautiful man!
what did I do to deserve you, beautiful man!
I'm so glad things go according to God's plan.
It's not whats on the outside
The beauty you have is buried deep.
Maybe it's in your heart that goes beat beat!

Beautiful man! Your smile will light a room.
The grin as you play with your children.
You are proud despite of a crowd.
The joy of being a husband and father.
Maybe it is our heavenly father that dwells in you
That teaches you to be a provider.

Beautiful man, beautiful man!
Keep reaching out for Gods hand.
Your display of love will always stand!
The treasures in your heart are priceless, beautiful man.
Sometimes I feel so unworthy of your gems.
I know God gave you to me and me to you,
So, I will continue to love you, beautiful man.

Beautiful man, again I ask what did I do to deserve you
Such a Beautiful man?

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